Monday 3

Ghost in the machine!  A fair bit went wrong this week and not only economically speaking.  Who knows what happened to the usual weekend missive, but here’s a rewrite that is somewhat close to the original, though to quote Dylan, “you can always go back, but you cannot go back all the way.”

1.Matusik internal memo


Things in Europe look worse that many predicted; the Qld market has just come off a building boost and is waiting for the $7k stamp duty relief; NSW’s housing incentives will end on 30th June, so investor attraction is there; China’s short to medium-term growth prospects now look a bit dicey, and we are waiting with bated breath for a federal election.  For mine, we need a Republican in the White House.

In short, our frugal mindset is now turning to concern, maybe even fear.  The stock market falls, plus changes to superannuation, make property investment potentially more attractive.  But activity will be slow and all buyers will need thorough third-party endorsement.

Heck, things must be pretty bad – beer consumption is at a 65-year low and total alcohol consumption has fallen for the fourth straight year.

We need to further tighten outgoings; increase our service level, with a return to focus on the old-fashioned things like ringing clients, meeting face-to-face, breaking quotes/processes up into bite-sized and digestible pieces.

We will look for positives in all this gloom, but don’t push the envelope too far.

Our new direction will work a treat and fulfil the market’s need.

Chins up, heads down and try to smile….laugh if you still are in good health.

Cheers,  Michael

2.         My kitchen rules

According to the latest statistics from the Australian Bureau, the money spent by Australians on renovating their homes rose by 2% over the last twelve months.  This compares to an 8% fall in the amount spent on buying a new dwelling across the country.

Renovation activity is strongest in Tasmania,Victoria, Canberra and South Australia, but is down in Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory.

When asked “If you were renovating to sell, where would you spend your money in order to gain the best return?” our recent online opinion poll found that kitchens won hands down.  Just over half (55%) of our respondents picked renovating a kitchen as the best way to secure the highest return from renovating a residential property.

To read more about what to renovate for maximum profit, click here.

3.         NEW – weekly poll

We have started a weekly poll.  It will be included as part of the framework in the new-look Matusik Missive, out in early June.

This week’s question about the best place for long-term capital growth can be viewed here.  Our polls will only take ten seconds of your time.  Go on, give it a go! They will be a good straw test.  Results will be reported on the website every Friday and via the new missive and through social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

We have about 25 polls ready to go, but if you want to ask something, then send us an email.  We need the question and no more than five potential replies.  Maximum of 50 words for the question and each possible reply please.

If you want to keep your comments private and confidential contact me directly on

Check out our new website and follow me on twitter, plus connect via LinkedIn.

5 thoughts on “Monday 3

  1. melbdevman says:

    Michael, if things were bad, alcohol consumption would be up, not down!

  2. Melissa McClymans says:

    if things are bad and money is tight melbdevman how do they afford to buy beer then??

  3. melbdevman says:

    I was thinking it’s a “drowning of the sorrows” thing. Even bums can find money for beer, metho, etc.

  4. Dianna Wolfe says:

    What if the beer thing has to do with people going on a health kick? I’ve personally given up the plonk, and now am drinking non-alcoholic beer…..(it’s really not that bad, no really, I swear). Great post again Michael!

  5. Summo says:

    With a box of Beer now averaging $50, is it any wonder consumption is down? I for one will not pay $50 a box, but rather choose mid strength at $30-$35 which I still deem expensive. This should explain why we are at 65 year lows, as everyone I speak to agrees with me and has other more pressing bills to pay.

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