Weekend 3

Weekend property and good news read….in the same space – 3 minutes

1.  Glass half full

This week our friends at Property Observer reported on analysis from Rismark International of 3.25 million property sales in Australia during the last 12 years.

Rismark undertook the study for the Australian Financial Review, to look at all of the purchases and subsequent resales of homes throughout Australia between 2000 and 2012.

Bottom-line results – about 15% of Aussies who bought and sold a property since 2000 made a loss.  This factored in transaction costs like stamp duty, agent fees, council and other charges.

Now, while things have slid somewhat and prices have taken a tumble, it is important to keep in mind that 15% equates to around 1 in 8, which also means that 7 in 8 during that period made money, or at least, did not lose.  Sounds better already, doesn’t it?

Compared to the bloodbath that occurred this time last year where $50b was wiped off the Australian share market in just one day, the Rismark findings are indicative that longer-term, the property market had continued to hold up well for the majority of owners.

Property Observer also said that the report suggests that 62% of all buyers since 2000 have generated annual returns of more than 6%.

2.  River coming back

 I received a short note from Phil Waight last month, about recent sales for riverfront apartments in Brisbane.  Out of three similar listings, Phil reported that all three properties were listed for auction, with two selling in the first 10 days, and all three properties selling.  Good on ya, Phil – and great to know that the river is coming back.

3.  Love a list

 Here’s a good list this week from Inc.com – 3 ways to get more time out of less – steps that managers and staff can take toward a more efficient, more productive organisation:

  • Identify and focus on your biggest priorities.  Too often employees spend time on work that isn’t core to the success of the business.  A business should identify the few objectives that drive the most value and rigorously focus on them.
  • Complete two objectives every week.  Shorten the timeline and simplify goals.  Have employees write two “must-dos” every week, empowering them to focus on what matters most.
  • Outsource noncore work.  If you find your team doing time-consuming work that isn’t core to your business, stop wasting their time.  Often there are businesses that can take on our non-core work and do it faster, better, and cheaper.

Matusik Talks

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PS  I love a good tart.  You’ll find some today at the Moggill Markets.  Do yourselves a favour and visit a real farmers market…but get there early – it’s all over by 11.  Great food, great people and great atmosphere – but hey, I’m biased.

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